A Semester in NYC

Creative Intern

Semester working and living in New York during college. I was a creative intern at the experiential marketing agency, Pop2Life.

Pop2Life, at that time, was a relatively small experiential marketing agency with about 35 people working at the company. During my internship, the company was acquired by Condé Nast, which eventually led to various freelance projects with their office at One World Trade Center. The creative team at Pop2Life had four amazing souls on the team. This internship is where I learned and expanded my skill set more than ever. I enjoyed the collaboration between the different teams in the agency and by the end was treated as an employee, working on projects directly with the Creative Director. Below are a variety of projects I worked on while at the company before freelancing for them.


website redesign

One of the largest projects I worked was the redesign of Pop2Life's website. After the agency was acquired by Condé Nast, they needed to update their look. I helped re-design their "Pop2Life", "Services", and "Work" pages on PageCloud. This project required a decent amount of problem solving because the builder does not have many features we needed for the site. This required me to research code and figure out ways to get around the template features.

Click on the photo to view the pages I designed.


SundanceTV: Hap & Leonard

For the SundanceTV show, Hap and Leonard, Pop2Life created a branded experience for the new season. The main event was a bull ride, along with photo booths, and other games. Consumers would have a chance to ride the bull and depending on how long they lasted, they would meet a low or high level of "mojo". 


IDCON 2017


online banners

These online banners were put on radio station's websites across the country. Keith Urban's and Darius Rucker's were both for sweepstakes where consumers could win a trip to CMA Fest. 


iHeart radio


musicians without borders


weekly reports