jordan marcel, inc.

Never Enough Eucalyptus

Freelance Designer, Creative Operations Intern

JM, Inc. was my first internship experience at an agency. The company focuses on wedding design, graphic designs, and interior design. Their space in Downtown Utica, NY is used as a space to host parties, showers, anniversaries, photoshoots, etc. The company combines graphic design, interior design, and event planning to create beautiful and memorable experiences for their customers.

While working as the Creative Operations Intern, I did a little bit of everything. There were always flowers to pick up, inventory to manage, quick coupons to design, and boards to paint. We hung fabric from the top of barns, constructed our own bars, and I would always come home smelling like flowers. I had a tremendous amount of responsibility with the company as there were only 5 of us at the time. I understood what it was like to work under a time crunch, gained skills working with vendors, and learned how to spread a dollar! Event planning, especially weddings, is something I completely enjoy. As a freelance designer, after my internship, I designed greeting cards that were sold in small boutiques in Utica and Ithaca, along with any projects that needed editing.