hifashion studios

Bringing the Fashion Industry to Ithaca College

President, Advertising Executive

There are barely words to explain this amazing organization but I'll give it a shot. HiFashion Studios (HFS) made my college experience complete. 

The fashion production company started in 2010 as a way for students to build their portfolios, focusing on the fashion industry, in events, marketing, photography & video, modeling, social media, journalism, styling, creative work, and the list goes on and on. This completely student-run organization of 150+ people, gives students the opportunity to collaborate for the annual semester fashion show which has a new theme each time. We worked with local vendors for clothing and donations, as well as holding a variety of fundraisers for the organization.

As President, I oversaw all 150+ members, models, and executives that made up the organization. I managed the budget, schedule, photoshoots, show, vendors, etc. My team and I led the organization to a successful year that many people would say "made history for HFS". As President, I wanted to reshape the brand of HiFashion Studios, making it my goal to make the organization a complete brand focusing on body positivity and inclusivity.

I could write pages and pages on the organization - but that's what an interview is for! Check out the variety of work I did while in the organization. (My favorite shoot was the water shoot. Yes, I was the first one in the water holding a reflector for photos.)


**Photos supplied by HiFashion Studio Photography